About Me

Who am i?

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I’m Scott Zhu. I was born and raised in WenZhou which is a city famous of business. I went to ZheJiang University of Technology located in HangZhou after i graduated from high school, I got a B.S in Computer Science there in 2012. I’m currently living in HangZhou, China. I’m 100 percent Chinese, because i have never been to any place outside China. But i’ll definitely delete this sentence in the future.

What do i do for living?

Basically, i’m just a software engineer, i make codes. The top three programming language i commonly used are C, Java and Objective-C. I worked for companies like Sky-mobi, Huawei. And now i’m working as a mobile developer in a UK company called Efergy. Currently i mainly focus on iOS development, i got a good understanding of design pattern in modern languages like Objective-C, and i’m quite familiar with iOS development. Linkedin has details about my career and experience, Github shows part of my code if you are interested in hiring me. You can approach me by sending emails to here.

What do i like